Sunday, January 31, 2016

Random Thoughts and Questions: Crimson Peak

Sometimes while I'm watching a film I have random thoughts, musings, and internal questions about the logic and storytelling that usually occur deep within the brain so as not to disturb other viewer. Unless I'm watching it at home alone, in which case I just say it, because talking to yourself is less depressing when it's in reaction to a something. Well, now this blog is the hole from which that part of my brain will leak onto the internet.

Think of this like Live Tweeting without the Twit.

Tonight's Screening: Crimson Peak

I usually hate it when multiple light colors are mixed in the same shot. It reminds me of the countless 16mm indies I had to sit through in my younger years, where the solution for the filmmaker's inability to light competently was "More Gels!" But I guess if you cookie the hell out of it and crush the shadows it works really well.

Such cheerful music as she walks through a mud-and-shit pit!

Charlie Hunnam Accent Watch 2016: I detect North London, notes of Pennsylvania Dutch, and just a flutter of Scotch-Romanian.

Either Tom Hiddleston is the fastest reader on Earth, or he's totally bullshitting her about how awesome her book is.

She's expecting to retype an entire book in a single day when she barely knows how to type?

This movie is quickly becoming Revenge of the Steadicam.

These iris wipes are adding a silliness that really takes me out of this movie.

Yikes. That's some Irreversible shit right there.

Is it just me who is a little upset that when she's playing fetch with the dog it didn't bring her back a human hand a la Funny Farm?

Wow, even the nightgowns are poofy.

When a door opens by itself, you don't walk through it.

Find scary noise, open scary door, scary thing slams scary door, open scary door again, find convenient plot device.

This bathtub ghost is a lot sexier than the one in The Shining.

Ha! THAT happened in Funny Farm too! Burn it!

She's monologuing.

Face Trauma!

Jessica Chastain moves fast for a lady in a poofy things.

Honestly, I was really worried that this would end up with the same kind of ending as Swimming Pool. I'm glad it didn't go that route.

Overall I enjoyed the film. Story's kinda whatever, but it's gorgeous. And yes, it really is more Gothic Romance than Horror.

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